Panthers’ Latest Casualty: Pre-Season Schedule Released


The latest casualty of the Panthers is really no casualty at all. I just felt like adding my brand of questionable humor, in an effort to lighten the mood today.

On Wednesday, the NFL released all the teams’ preseason schedules, and the Panthers face at least two familiar preseason foes for a consecutive year.

Carolina will once again open it’s preseason schedule on national TV, a Thursday night road game at the Baltimore Ravens on August 12 on ESPN.

They will then host back-to-back home games against the New York Jets and Tennessee Titans.

Capping off the Panthers’ preseason schedule will be a trip to Heinz Field and for a game against the mystery quarterback and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Specific dates and times will be released later in the spring.

As for my humor, it was funny, wasn’t it?

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