April Fool’s Could Still Have the Last Laugh


Some folks don’t appreciate a good April Fool’s prank. Some do. But in the end, if it appeals to the masses, then all is well. At least that’s how I perceive it.

My regular readers who rarely sound off about what I have to say—it’s with a chuckle that I tell you you’ve been had by the likes of me, a blogger. Someone who is considered the cretin of modern-day media.

It was with great jubilation that I wrote the article Wednesday night about the Panthers discussing a three-year ccontract with Bills’ free agent wide receiver Josh Reed.

In the end, it was a load of crap.

An April Fool’s joke that I successfully mastered, even while in a state of semi-inebriation.

I am not apologizing for my action, as it’s not warranted. I left hints throughout the piece, whether in the writing itself, or through four links embedded within the piece.

Most got the joke, and had a laugh as it was considered to be a clever fool made by me. Others were not as receptive to the joke, and were angered by it. Some just didn’t have a clue, altogether.

To give everyone a sort of shout-out, as my way of easing the pain, I will include the links to a few of the sites I discovered had fallen for my hi-jinx.

To start things off, Twitter is an invaluable resource. I would imagine that the Charlotte Observer’s Darin Gantt hates my guts at this point after the multiple questions sent to him about any deal between the Panthers and Josh Reed, including one tweet asking if the details of the three-year deal between Reed and the Panthers had been released yet?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is also probably thrilled with the heightened amount of Reed-to-Carolina inquires, on a day when Donovan McNabb and NFL Draft prospects were the main focal points of the day. Then again, he may have welcomed the change-up.

Now for the links. And if there are any other fan forums which I may have overlooked, my apologies. You are always welcome to comment on anything I write; good, bad, or indifferent.

Thank you to the fine folks and loyal readers at Carolina Huddle.

A thank you to Twitter, and Josh Reed Reviews, Celebrity Gossip.

Thanks also go out to PantherInsider.com, a member of Scout.com; I would have linked to the thread, but it was removed.

Last but certainly not least, a thank you to Carolina Panther Coalition.

Of course there are many other sources and individuals who come here everyday to get their piece of news on our Carolina Panthers. And I thank each and everyone of you for your readership and welcome any and all comments—within reason, of course.

I thank everyone who played along with the April Foolery I pulled on you and for being good sports about it, all-in-all. It’s the one day out of the year where we all get to have a little fun at each others’ expense, and no harm comes of it.

As for me, it’s not over just yet. I could still become the butt of my own joke, if the Panthers do sign Josh Reed to the team. But at this point, and as far as I am aware, there have been no such discussions between either party, and at this time there is no imminent deal in the works.

Should I become the butt of my own joke, I’ll laugh right along with you all, and I’ll post a reminder article for added jest. Aside from that, it’s back to serious business for me, and I will continue to provide the best information and opinions I can.

I take my responsibility seriously, and aside from Thursday’s prank, I would never otherwise do anything to jeopardize whatever amount of credibility I do have. It’s taken me three years to get this far. Why would I risk it all now?

You’re a great audience, you’re the reason I’m here as much as I’m the reason you’re here, and I look forward to providing you with more quality reporting and opinion in the future.

Thank you Cat Crave readers, for making this site and Fansided a part of your day.

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