Could There Be Two Browns in Panthers D-Line Future?


As most probably already know, the Chicago Bears released defensive end Alex Brown on Thursday. That’s no April Fool’s.

Sean Jensen, Staff Reporter of Chicago Sun-Times, gives his reasoning as to why the Bears moved on without Brown. In summary, a combination of salary:performance. And secondly, being that Brown was a well-respected figure by his teammates in the locker room, it could very well have been an awkward situation with newly-signed defensive end Julius Peppers.

So how and where might the Panthers fit in? Generally, I’m not one to jump at just any free agent that hits the market. But clearly, defensive end is still a need for the Carolina Panthers.

At 31, Brown is at the forbidden age by Panthers’ standards. However, the man doesn’t have much of an injury history, only suffering a sprained ankle last season, while playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. A game in which Brown recorded two sacks against Ben Roethlisberger.

The Panthers need experienced depth at defensive end; while Everette Brown, who is in his second year, is assumed to be the starting end, he still lacks the luster and athletic freakishness that has moved to Chicago.

For the Bears, Brown recorded six sacks in 2009. His career total is pretty stout, with 43.5 sacks.

Brown would also be able to play as a role model for the defense, since most of the roster is still young. Not to slight Jon Beason, as he has proven why he should be considered a team leader, and by all accounts is considered that, as well.

In addition to leadership, the Panthers would benefit on defense from the performance Alex Brown would contribute on Sundays.

Other teams who should be interested in Brown are the Atlanta Falcons, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, and Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as any team playing it close to the vest.

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