Panthers Could Consider Jason Campbell


Another major move occurred in the NFL Sunday night. If you haven’t heard, read, or seen from some source by now however, here goes. Grab a chair or something to sit on. Ready? Okay.

Donovan McNabb is now a Washington Redskin.

The Philadelphia Eagles traded him to Washington for their 37th overall pick in this year’s draft, in addition to a conditional third- or fourth-round pick in 2011. It’s also reported, that they offered defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth in the deal; safety LaRon Landry’s name was also said to be mentioned.

So why should we care about the McNabb trade? We don’t have to. McNabb’s all about the ‘Skins at this time. But, Jason Campbell will likely be looking for a new home, and don’t be surprised if it’s within the next couple weeks — if not sooner — he finds one.

Before acquiring McNabb, Jason Campbell was (still is) a restricted free agent, whom the Redskins placed a first-round tender on. Since Washington has McNabb, and head coach Mike Shanahan is undoubtedly pleased with the move, one of two things is expected in the near future: the RFA price of Campbell will either drop or he will simply be released before the draft.

This is where the Panthers fit in.

After releasing seven-year veteran Jake Delhomme, the Panthers currently have two quarterbacks on the roster; Matt Moore and Hunter Cantwell.

There’s really more than one option for Carolina in this scenario. Depending on Washington’s decisions, the Panthers could sign Campbell if the price is right. The Panthers’ other option is to trade up in the second round and possibly draft a better quarterback than in the later rounds.

My feeling however, is that Jason Campbell is a better and more readily available option. We know of Campbell’s history in Washington, but the stats and his sketchy performance speak more of the changes at coaching and a new playbook practically every year, than Campbell.

It’s even been said that the biggest reason for Campbell’s struggle in Washington, is the immense pressure for perfection placed on him by former head coach Joe Gibbs.

In a new system and environment, Campbell would be allowed the opportunity to resurrect his career before it’s too late. Another thing that makes Campbell look attractive to a team like Carolina? Age. He’s 28.

Not to mention, the Panthers have a need for a No. two quarterback. Do you really want Hunter Cantwell, an undrafted free agent in 2009 backing up Matt Moore? Or would you rather an unproven, unknown rookie draft pick as the guy behind Moore?

In the Panthers’ system, you really only need a game manager quarterback, but I do feel that with Moore stepping in and taking over the starting job, we’re going to see something new in Carolina: more passing statistics, and a balance to both aspects of the offense. With that change just on the horizon, the Cats need a proven QB to back up the guy who’s going to bring that change.

Forget signing a free agent receiver, Panthers fans. If the price is right, sign Campbell, and draft a receiver in the second-round. If the Panthers want to sweeten the pot, then they might sign a free agent receiver.