Cat Crave and Carolina Panthers Making Moves…Into the 21st Century


First, the Carolina’s got a professional football team. At some point shortly thereafter, the Carolina Panthers had a website. Forget the message boards on the team’s website; unlike some teams in the NFL, the Panthers disbanded it’s message board forums for us fans, which seems appropriate to me, anyway. I’ve never been a big fan of team websites’ fan forums.

The Carolina Panthers did one — maybe more than one — better. as of a little more than 12 hours ago, the Carolina Panthers started their first group page on Facebook, and it’s an official group, too. Not a group page started by a fan which can’t legally use the likeness and images of the Carolina Panthers.

In that small amount of time, the page already has 1,245 fans, and growing! So go check it out! Join! And start interacting with other fellow fans of our Carolina Panthers.

Cat Crave Starts Official Facebook Group

On the topic of Facebook, and progressing into the 21st Century, Cat Crave has also made some changes and additions.

As you can see already, the official site of Cat Crave has been redesigned, and will receive more additions in the near future! Along with the redesign, we have also added a Facebook group for Cat Crave and all you great folks who make Cat Crave a part of your daily rounds on the web.

On Cat Crave’s Facebook page, you can also interact with me,  fellow readers of Cat Crave, and fans of the Carolina Panthers.

As always, without you I’d have no audience to write for; you wouldn’t have an additional writer whose opinion to agree, disagree, or feel indifferent about.

So while you’re visiting and joining up with the thousands of Panthers fans on the Carolina Panthers’ Official Facebook Page, check out our Cat Crave facebook page. Join, and feel free to drop me a line anytime!

Don’t forget to follow Cat Crave on Twitter @THECatCrave. …Another 21st Century addition of Cat Crave!