Day Two: Panthers With a Slew of Options at Receiver


Well, I was wrong — half wrong. The Panthers chose to stand pat, and let the first-round of Thursday night’s draft run it’s course while they looked on in hopes of seeing some promising talent fall into the second-round, and fall it did.

On Thursday night, only two wide receivers were taken in the draft, as well as one Tim Tebow. Who saw that coming?

The Dallas Cowboys drafted wide receiver Dez Bryant, and the Denver Broncos selected Demaryius Thomas of Georgia Tech.

So who’s available at receiver in the second-round? A lot! Illinois’ Arrelious Benn, Notre Dame’s Golden Tate, USC’s Damian Williams, LSU’s Brandon LaFell, Dexter McCluster of Mississippi, and I’ll leave off with that.

Plenty of talent will be available to the Panthers — if they choose not to trade up in Round Two — at the receiver position.

The question however, is if the Panthers do decide to trade up to select higher in the second-round, who do they take? Benn or Tate? And will it still leave them with their original pick in the second-round?

It now seems to make perfect sense to trade away the expensive first-round pick every year, to steal high second-round selections.

Tonight’s Draft covers the second- and third-rounds, and it all begins at 6 p.m. eastern. You may follow the draft at, ESPN, and NFL Network /

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