Panthers Cap-Off Draft Picks on Defense


I thought about not mentioning the last player drafted by the Panthers, as it seems like “Big Media” could really care less about who anyone is beyond the second-round, as they gab on about the first- and second-round picks throughout the draft; once-in-a-while throwing in recent selections as if they’re really interested.

But I won’t do that. Not to the Panthers’ fanbase, if for no other reason than to slight “Big Media.”

With the 249th pick in the draft, the Carolina Panthers finished off on the defensive side of the ball, selecting defensive back Robert McClain from Connecticut.

Three areas of need for the Panthers, as evidenced in the draft and from last season, were quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive secondary.

Earlier in the draft, the Panthers took Jordan Pugh, defensive back out of Texas A&M whom Marty Hurney said will likely be used as a safety.

Depth at safety, defensive end, and corner seem to have been addressed pretty well, and there is still the undrafted rookie signing period yet to come, so we’ll keep an eye on the handful of player’s the Panthers bring in to look at.

Check back here tomorrow, as I will analyze each of the Panthers’ picks from the 2010 NFL Draft. Until then, my phalanges are screaming for a break.

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