Panthers Finish Sixth-Round on Offense and Defense


To finish out the sixth-round, Carolina drafted two players on defense, and continued to add to the receiver and quarterback position.

At pick 175, Carolina selected defensive end Greg Hardy of Mississippi. A smart pick which addresses a defensive depth need.

With it’s pick at 198, the Panthers went on offense, where they took wide receiver David Gettis of Baylor; yet another wide receiver — also compared to Jim Turner by The Charlotte Observer’s Darin Gantt — to potentially complement Steve Smith and the third receiver taken by the Panthers in two days.

At pick 202, the Panthers hit up the defense again, going with defensive back Jordan Pugh of Texas A&M. The Panthers lack depth at corner, so this seems like a good deal.

And with it’s pick at 204, the Panthers find competition/a replacement for Hunter Cantwell, in Cincinnati’s Tony Pike.

I don’t know Panthers fans, we’ll see what happens in the seventh-round; with their 223rd pick, Carolina took RJ Stanford; defensive back out of Utah.

One more pick to go at 249.