Jimmy Clausen and Steve Smith Butt Heads on the Field?


You gotta love the vast amounts of information, gossip, and other — we’ll call it stuff, you can find on the internet. This stuff surprised me, though.

I had no idea newly drafted quarterback Jimmy Clausen created such a ruckus during the team’s minicamp last weekend. And I didn’t find out about it until this morning, actually.

Come to find out, lawyer-turned-sports writer extraordinaire Mike Florio has it that Panthers’ newly-drafted quarterback Jimmy Clausen was a “Richard” during the Panthers’ minicamp last weekend.

He didn’t say it outright, but what I got from reading Florio’s drivel, was that Clausen made (by my count) three wide receivers cry and two tight ends bitch, in regard to his demeaning them on the field –except for Steve Smith — for not doing what he felt they should have been capable of doing.

"Because people will say ‘Steve’s one of those kind of guys…’ I mean if he said Dante Rosario said it, then no offense to Dante, but people would say ‘who’s that?’. He (Florio) expected he could say it and get away with it, but he (Smith) caught you homeboy. I don’t like liars. If he (Florio) wants to talk about it we can sit down like real men. Don’t worry, I wont take a swing at you. Mike is false and the source is bogus. I’m not afraid of speaking my mind, and if I have something to say to someone I say it to their face.  -Steve Smith on Charlotte’s WFNZ Radio"

This is the NFL. Everyone is supposed to “step up” their game and provide evidence why they belong on the same playing field as the Johnny Unitas’, Joe Montana’s, and Peyton Mannings’ of the game. And yes, I’m naming quarterbacks, because aside from the “accusers,” this is about a quarterback.

Who was the most prominent accuser, according to a mysterious “source” of Florio’s? Why, someone within the Panthers’ organization.

Bull-friggin’-shit, Florio.

Most of your readers — myself included; when I’m bored — know that you’re a fan of some team which has a shortcoming at the quarterback position, and not only are you jealous of the Panthers because Jerry Richardson took who your team should have taken in the first-round perhaps, opposed to a running back.

So in the end, I don’t know where Mike Florio gets some of his information from, but at the same time, it really degrades from the real sports writers — and those of us who aspire to be — when someone who is supposedly a lawyer, has to make up a big fat lie, just because he’s jealous that the team he likes made a popular pick in the first-round, opposed to a responsible one, like the Panthers and many teams after his  made.

A word to all Panthers fans, and fans of any team who might read this: Don’t believe everything you read, from a certain NBC-related gossip site…Okay, Pro Football Talk.

Even though some might not like them — for whatever reasons — trust what your local or beat writers see and have to say.

Some moron from the middle of nowhere, who wasn’t even in attendance at the Panthers’ (and other teams’) minicamp sessions, can listen to the Clausen-basher if he wants. It doesn’t mean his “source’s” take is credible.

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