Carolina Panthers News Links from Around the Web


Good morning Cat Cravers! In a sort of (pardon my sarcasm) PFT-style of “team one-liners;” I’m going to attempt to provide interesting news links from around the web on our Carolina Panthers once a week.

Today begins the first installment.I’ll start us out with a post from my old “stomping ground,” Bleacher Report. In “Feast or Famine: The Top-10 NFL Teams Edging Closer to Playoff Football,” written by Ryan Cook, includes the Panthers.

It’s a nice read. I enjoyed what he had to say about the Panthers, though there is one or two points I don’t necessarily agree on. But a respectable piece, nonetheless.

Next up, we stop off at The Sporting News, NFL. Vinnie Iyer wrote a nice introductory paragraph, then held a Q&A session with receiver Steve Smith, titled “Carolina’s Steve Smith: ‘These new guys coming in, they can burn a little bit.”

I love to read or listen to any Q&A in which Smitty is a participant.

Over the weekend — Friday, to be exact — had an insightful read on their site, written by Bucky Brooks. There’s also a little video to go along with it. Check out “Five Teams Face Pivotal Decisions Surrounding Passers.”

Over at, Jaxon has some news of his own to share, in “NFC South Offseason Round-Up.”

Last and certainly not least, there is audio of an interview of Panthers’ linebacker Thomas Davis with WFNZ on Fear the Claw. I’ve not had a chance to listen to it yet, but I’ll be sure to very soon.

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