89…Any Questions?


The latest insight-turned-rumor, is Carolina Panthers’ wide receiver Steve Smith will not be the number one wide receiver in Carolina. However, there’s a catch to that. Are you surprised? Neither am I.

Here’s the deal…after the jump, of course.

Earlier in the offseason, like around March I’d say; Smith stated he knew that he wouldn’t be the number one receiver in Carolina forever, and he was accepting of that. It’s reality. We don’t want a Terrell Owens on our hands, nor do we want a Brett Favre-type in Smith; he wants to go out with class. One day — some year — when Smitty decides to hang his cleats up, it will be for good. Good grief, we will miss Steve Smith, both on and off the field. But every players’ career has a sunset at some point, before the darkness of forever engulfs it completely.

Already, media moguls have been semi-blowing this one out of proportion. Maybe you won’t perceive it that way in the video, but in the written part, I did.

Steve  Smith is in the golden years of his career. Some might say he’s nearing the golden years of his career.

He was projected — by some talking head ass-clown, to be nothing more than a punt returner in 2001. Okay, perhaps I am harshing the guy too much, but again, don’t make ridiculous sensationalizing predictions on a person’s career when they haven’t even had a chance to show what they might be able to contribute.

On an off-note; while looking up Smith’s stats on NFL.com, do take notice that Steve Smith of the New York Giants had almost double the catches as THE Steve Smith, yet with fewer catches, Smitty still out-gained the other Steve Smith in average yards per carry, in 2009. He didn’t have as many yards receiving as Junior did, but he still out-gained him on the average with half as little passes thrown his way. Plus, they both tied for number of touchdowns.

Thus, Smitty is not quite in the twilight of his career. We’ll gauge him to be somewhere in the “late summer,” at this point of his career.

Unfortunately, there are very few — if any — Steve Smith highlight videos on YouTube, so I am forced to make use of one from the 2008 season. Which, isn’t that much of a difference. It’s not like I’m showing a highlight video from six years ago, let’s say.

So enjoy! Because in four years, Steve Smith might not be the number one receiver in Carolina. Until then, I’ll leave you with two of my favorite quotes from Smitty.

“You don’t think I’m one of the best? You better check your reference.”

“89’s in the building, 89’s in the building!”

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