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Good morning Cat Cravers, and welcome to the fourth edition of Cat Cravings Around the Web.

As usual of late, not a whole lot of news, but there were two very important news items coming from the Carolina Panthers on Tuesday.

The biggest of two news stories on Tuesday, was cornerback Richard Marshall and weakside linebacker Thomas Davis signed their restricted free agent tenders.

But with good news, always seems to come bad news. The bad news is during Tuesday’s practice, Davis “tweaked” the knee of which he had injured his ACL in November. Darin Gantt of The Charlotte Observer has both stories.

My hope for Thomas Davis’ injury, is that it’s nothing more than a tweak due to overexertion. It’s quite possible, and being that he did walk off the field under his own power with a little assistance, leads me to surmise it will be nothing serious; perhaps he’ll have to pull himself back and let this thing fully recover.

However, if it is a serious injury that he’s kept out into the regular season, I say the team’s got to move on without him. In that scenario, the shame is, he’s already signed his RFA tender. The team can’t trade an injured man, so they’d have to put him on the injured reserve.

On June 7, CyberJag of submitted a post, “How’s the Panthers’ Depth, and Why it Matters…”

And another article submitted by Darin Gantt of The Charlotte Observer, speaks of the Panthers’ new lineman, Ed Johnson, and how he’s going to make the best of his second chance.

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