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Good morning Cat Cravers, and welcome to the Monday edition of “Cat Cravings Around the Web!”

We are officially 30 days away from the start of training camp, which begins July 28!

Today I’ve checked the ranks of Bleacher Report. I don’t usually pull links from the site, but there were a couple of pieces which caught my eye, One in particular, which is a part of a series, explaining why the Carolina Panthers won’t win the Super Bowl this season.

In addition, the writer of the series, Nick Signorelli, has explained why the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers won’t win the Super Bowl in 2011.

Do I think the Panthers will win the Super Bowl this year? It’s doubtful. And for Carolina, getting there is only half the battle. Then again, technically, every team has an equal shot at this point of the offseason.

After you’ve recovered from reading that, we’ll take a look at the next piece submitted via Bleacher Report. This one was actually more interesting — not that reading about why the Panthers will “suck” in 2010 isn’t interesting, albeit played out — since it’s about the best running back tandem in the NFL.

All things said, don’t look for DeAngelo Williams to call any team not named Carolina “home,” in 2011. D-Will and Jonathan Stewart are too-big-a-commodity to not keep on the same team.

It would also seem that Stewart has his own nickname now, too: “The Daily Show.”

Moving on.

It’s not really Panthers’ related, although it would have been, had the front office made a move in trading for this moron.

Philadelphia Eagles Quarterhack Michael Vick, if you haven’t heard already, made some bad decisions over the weekend.

A gun. Shooting.

As it stands right now, Vick could be innocent, so long as former homeboy Quanis Philips was not on his list of invites to his birthday party at a night club. Which also leads one to wonder if Vick was consuming any alcohol, which would also be a violation of his probation.

The Atlanta Falcons’ Roddy White was also in attendance to Vick’s shindig.

Okay, back to your regularly schedulede Panthers’ news.

The people who run Fantasy Football Guys’ news blogger, aren’t very savvy about linking their news pieces back to the proper destination, so I will have to use quotes here.

Allegedly from The Charlotte Observer, rookie WR’s roles will not change during Smith’s absence.

The Charlotte Observer reports that WR Kenny Moore will step in for Steve Smith while the star receiver rehabs from a broken left arm. That suggests that rookie WRs Brandon LaFell and Armanti Edwards won’t see their roles change in training camp. LaFell is in a battle for a starting role with underachieving veteran Dwayne Jarrett while Edwards seems locked into a role as a kick-returner and potential slot receiver. If anything, both receivers will receive a few more reps with quarterback Matt Moore, which doesn’t hurt. –

Also from the same site, via The Charlotte Observer, reported that Moore will step in while Smith is out. Yes, Kenny Moore. reports with star WR Steve Smith on the shelf for as long as two months, the Charlotte Observer reports that Kenneth Moore is expected to see first-team reps in his place at training camp. —

And the last interesting tidbit from that site, “Moore moving forward without Smith.” reports the Panthers lost WR Steve Smith for the next six-to-eight weeks with a broken left arm, meaning that incoming starting QB Matt Moore will be without his top target until the middle of August. While the two worked together last season and through this offseason, and although Smith is a seasoned veteran, the loss of the receiver could hurt the quarterback’s chemistry and overall development with the offense. Rookies Brandon LaFell and Armanti Edwards will work with veteran Dwayne Jarrett, among others, while Smith recovers. –

Sticking with the Steve Smith topic for a moment, Smitty has sworn off flag football. That’s good. We’d rather you were injured playing for something more meaningful, than a YMCA game. Ironic, no?

Finally, the Panthers have signed another rookie draft pick; Eric Norwood signed with Carolina on Thursday.

Now the Panthers will play eenie-meanie-miney-moe, to decide whether Norwood will play linebacker or defensive end.

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