We’ve Reached an Impasse — It’s You’re Time to Vote


Carolina Panthers fans, if you aren’t aware already, time to catch up — but make sure you return to this posting, as you will need the link at the end to vote on the offensive side of the ball for the NFC South’s All-Star team.

At this point, the lead bloggers of the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and yours truly have been in agreement over who the best players within the division are. But we’ve hit a bump or two along the way, and now it’s up to you Panthers fans, to decide who the best second-string running back, center, and punter in the division are.

Since the tie-breaking votes are held at the Atlanta Falcons’ blog site, fans of the Crows already have a remarkable lead on the rest of the choices available. For instance, is Michael Turner a better option than Jonathan Stewart as a No. 2 ‘back?

So head over and even those numbers out, if you see fit. The polls are in the post. You need to select ONE running back, ONE center, and ONE punter at this time.

Voting will be open until Sunday, July 11th at 8pm ET.

Once the NFC South All-Star team is decided upon, a voting contest will be held on the FanSided Network homepage. In a classic winner-take-all playoff bracket, two teams will face off each round until a “Super Bowl” champion is decided just before the start of training camps.

While it’s normal to have vehement hatred towards our division rivals, when we reach this stage, we want to represent the NFC South and vote early and often.

How many Panthers will make the NFC South All-Star team? Keep it tuned in to Cat Crave and the Fansided Network to find out.

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