A Realistic Look at the John Fox Situation.


Okay, I am going to go ahead and be premature, and bring this up. Premature though it is, it is still something to think about going into this season. With all the talk about “rebuilding” and “Youth Movement” this is truly a topic for consideration and how it will impact this coming season. So I briefly want to contemplate some “what if” scenarios.

“Lame Duck” seems to be the popular phrase when referring to John Fox these days so I am just trying to lay down a few thoughts on the situation and even propose a “what if” scenario. (It is the off season and right now topics are dry, I know)

So what will it take to see Fox out the door. Keep in mind that this is just my own humble opinion.

First of all, the name of the game is winning. I think a 7-9 season or less at this point will finish him. Now I know there is the conventional wisdom that this is hardly a team that is that good, but I do think this is a better team than that, barring more disastrous injuries. We are indeed in a “Win Now” mode. (Ever heard that phrase before?)

Secondly, if there is some sort of personnel collapse. Example, some big conflict with a player, or some sort of “issue”. Anything resembling Dom Capers back in the day. One thing that has held true with Fox over the years is the players loyalty to him has always been one of his qualities so to speak. Considering all the new young players in the fold, this is something that will test him this year.

If there is a “collapse” towards the end of the season. For instance, last season started off horribly, yet we finished out strong. If the inverse happens this coming year, look for a January firing on “Black Monday”.

So what if he does leave? Does Cowher come in to take over? Maybe Gruden? I doubt it. Think about it. The Big Cat just is not spending a great deal of money. I would look more for the “Up and Coming” Coordinator. Personally, If the “Cowher to Carolina” noise persists, how bout a spot like “The Big Tuna” landed in Miami? That seems more realistic to me. And yes, I think Gruden would a fine fit as an exec making decisions.

And what about Meeks or Davidson? Is there a possibility that either one may or may not be moved up if the situation presents itself?

Although this article was somewhat brief this week, I think this is an underplayed topic going into this season, with all that has happened, and the CBA issue still to be determined. So I guess you could call this another thing to look out for this season.