Carolina Panthers: 12 Days to Training Camp


With 12 days to go until the Carolina Panthers report to training camp, we’re going to do a special everyday, to do with the number of days remaining until the start of camp. It might commemorate something historical during Carolina’s 16-year history. It might make mention of a player selected at a particular number in a draft, or the jersey number they were issued.

Today marks 12.

I was thinking about just focusing in on one particular aspect, but while reviewing some things in my mind and via research, I felt it might be more interesting to come up with as many areas in relation to our Carolina Panthers to correlate with the number of the given day, and much like in “12 Days of Christmas” style, have a corresponding number of subjects.

With 12 days remaining (actually 11, since this post is later than I would have liked to post it) until the start of training camp, let’s look at what the Carolina Panthers have in common with the number 12.

  1. The first one is pretty easy. In 1995, the Panthers selected with it’s first pick in the NFL Draft, a quarterback from Penn State: Kerry Collins. His jersey number? 12.
  2. The Panthers have never won more than 12 regular season contests in a season. To date, 12 has been the limit — not that a 12-win season’s a bad thing. Carolina has had a 12-4 record two times in the club’s history, in 1996 (which the Panthers missed out on their first Super Bowl by one game) and in 2008.
  3. 12 is the number of career touchdowns caught by former wide receiver, Patrick Jeffers (1999-2001).
  4. In the January 15, 2006 game visiting the Chicago Bears, 12 was the number of receptions caught by Steve Smith, for 218 yards receiving and two touchdowns.
  5. During the 2004 season, the Panthers went 12 consecutive games forcing opposition turnovers.
  6. Likewise, during the 2008 season, 12 was the second-lowest (regular ) season number of fewest passes intercepted.
  7. The most recent (according to the 2009 media guide) count of the Panthers’ third-most penalties in a game, were commited against the Arizona Cardinals in 2004.
  8. On October 12, 2003, Carolina extends it’s undefeated record to 5-0 with an overtime victory at Indianapolis to record best start in franchise history, off John Kasay’s 47-yard field goal.
  9. 12 was the fewest rushing attempts in two games: at Oakland on December 24, 200 and at New Orleans on October 15, 2000.
  10. The second-worst season in Carolina, was a 4-12 campaign.
  11. January 12, 1994, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson announced the hiring of vateran NFL executive Bill Polian as general manager and the promotion of Mike McCormack to club president.
  12. March 12, 1997. Panthers’ President Mike McCormack announced his retirement as president of the Carolina Panthers, ending a 46-year NFL career as a player, coach, and executive.

Tomorrow (Sunday), we will look at 11 things that the number 11 has in common with the Panthers, on our “12 Days to Training Camp” edition.

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