Carolina Panthers Training Camp Preview: Receivers, Part 2


I really wanted to combine the wideouts with the tight ends in the last edition, but my fingers were overheating and my hands were beginning to cramp from my high-speed typing. So, I felt it best to break this edition into two parts, thus also allowing for proper digestion of Part One.

In this second part, we’re looking at the tight ends. For Carolina, the tight end position has mainly functioned as utilitarian — much like an offensive lineman. There really hasn’t been much flair from the TE position as other teams might show, but one tight end in particular, has seen the most time on the playing field, spending the majority of his snaps as a blocker for the run game: Jeff King.

King’s a big dude. He’s a solid piece in run-blocking schemes. When his number’s been called on short dump-off passes, he’s also been effective. Overall, King is a staple in the team’s offense.

Then there are two unknowns, in their own respect: Dante Rosario and Gary Barnidge.

With Rosario, the question remains, do you have any more to offer? Because we’d like to see what Barnidge has to offer. And with Barnidge, it’s more of a statement. As fans, we’re saying we know this guy has a lot of uncovered potential, but Dante Rosario is standing in his way of allowing us to find out.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Rosario. I’m among those that wants to see if he has anything else to offer, because up to this point, he’s been spotty at best. He shows a lot of upside in drips and drabs, and other times little-to-nothing. I’m nearing the point of “shit or get off the pot, already.”

Right now, these two guys are the biggest question marks going into training camp. And not so much because of what they’re capable of or if they have anymore to offer, but more along the lines of how much playing time will one receive in favor of the other? Who is going to make the most of the opportunity given to them? And finally, a decision which is out of either player’s control, will the head coach make the right decision in who the No. 2 tight end will be for the season?

Added to the roster, is second-year tight end Jamie Petrowski.

Signed by the Tennessee Titans as an undrafted free agent in 2006, Petrowski is looking for a city to call home. He also did a stint with the Indianapolis Colts. So keep an eye on him, too. He might be the hungrier “dog.” It could very well come down to a battle between him and Rosario, if Barnidge steps up and takes over the No. two spot.

Check back tomorrow, as we cover defensive backs. Also, by special request, I will be posting a special piece tonight about starting quarterback Matt Moore and all the “love” he’s been receiving as of late.

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