A New Face in Carolina


So after the Thursday night loss to Baltimore, and after a few people got banged up, the Carolina Panthers found a new piece to add to the puzzle, although I’ve got my concerns on this one.

As if the depth and veteran experience at linebacker wasn’t thin enough, out of necessity, Carolina needed to add another piece to the linebacking core.

At some point during Thursday night’s preseason game at Baltimore, linebacker Jamar Williams sustained a shoulder injury. I’m not sure if that’s what prompted this signing, or if it was more of a reason that “the depth is still thin, so let’s try adding another piece.”

I’m hoping it’s the latter and Williams’ shoulder injury is nothing too serious to keep him from returning anytime soon.

The scouting report on former Buffalo Bills’ linebacker Nic Harris, is encouraging.

"Take-charge defender who is imposing on the field.Shows excellent focus and a high motor at all times (when) in pursuit of ball-carriers. Has solid size and a high skill level. –SBNation"

Of course you can’t have the glowing review without a little dose of reality, which is why I always value the research and opinion of someone who is generally in the know of the team’s activities, Darin Gantt.

"Nic Harris was a converted college safety who had some knee issues, but mostly didn’t fit Buffalo’s new 3-4 defense. –Darin Gantt, Charlotte Observer"

The one red flag that sticks out: “some knee issues.”

Everything else about this guy sounds very promising, but as soon as I read knee issues, I cringed.

To make room for the new addition, the Panthers released center Steve Justice, who when considering Carolina has Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil on it’s roster, was a necessary casualty which would have taken place sooner or later.

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