The “Other” Big Questions Going Into the 2010 Season

Editorial Staff

Let’s get away from the wringing of hands we are doing, and take a fast look at the “other” big questions about the Carolina Panthers going into the 2010 regular season that are floating around. Just some odd stuff to consider.

Will the coveted “Black Glove” come back into being? Does anyone else remember this? I know that we are supposed to be pretty worried about what’s-his-face leaving and it will leave our defense without the ability to make an impact and all the other “yada-yada-yada,” but I wanna know…Is the “Black Glove Award” coming back en-vogue this coming season? For goodness sake, defense is looking pretty good so far, so let’s give the guys something to shoot for game in and game out!

A new “Panthers Stadium?” Is this really something that we should dwell on a great deal this coming season? I doubt it. With the CBA issues looming and the current outlook on the season, I guess Danny Morrison feels this is a safe time to bring up the topic for discussion.

"“You would have to think we’re in the middle of a normal NFL stadium cycle … The two options you would have somewhere down the line, in 10 or 15 years, would be a major renovation or something new.” –Panthers Team President, Danny Morrison"

To me it just appears to be a preamble for a future conversation and not really a topic for the 2010 season. We have much bigger fish to fry.

Do we want Jeff Davidson upstairs or on the sideline? Now there is something for debate. You can look at this a variety of ways. For the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” crowd, there is the success of the running game to consider. But when you look at the passing game…

Can Thomas Davis get back on the field, and if he can, should the training staff let him?
Looking at Tom Sorenson’s article today regarding Thomas Davis trying to keep active with the team, one thing that struck me was these two quotes.

"“I’ve talked to people in the administration here, and I feel I’ll end my career as a Panther.”"

"“I have to be smart,” he says. “But I have a passion and a love for the game, and if I could, I’d come back now.”"

Oh, dear Lord I would love to have TD back on the field, but if he is not ready, he has to wait.
1. He is becoming more and more a valued player to this organization.
2. The guy has had a terrible string of bad luck (assaulted with BB gun, stolen car, and ACL tears). Why tempt fate?
Here is a guy with a terrific career ahead of him. He just has to be smart about it.

“It is what it is.” How many times will we hear that this season, and from how many different Panthers other than John Fox?

The Jake Delhomme comparisons:It has already started. “Should we have kept this guy?” I would strongly say no! It obviously was not working. But I guess the question will come up repeatedly. Just a question of how many times. We have to give Moore and the others a good chance to succeed first.

Ryan Vermillion: Will he ever get credit for what he has done? Do most people even know who he is?

The Magic of “Double Trouble”: What will their accomplishment be this season? We really have something special here, and after breaking last year’s “Two Backs with 1100 yards each” plateau, I am anxious to see what this year’s feat is.

More access for John White: If this guy can get in the locker room and interview Carolina Panthers, why can’t John White of Cat Crave Radio? He will definitely have better questions and won’t leave players with a weird look on their face.

Okay. That was just a quick stab at something a little different for now.