Previewing the upcoming Giants Game.


It has arrived. Some real sho’nuff, this counts football. We brung it so now its time to run it!

First on the agenda: The New York Football Giants!

You remember these guys right, the ones we hammered last season. So they have revenge on their mind for some reason. Something about their new stadium or something. Anyway….

Before I start I am just going to say that I am not able to say “we are going to lose this one”. Obviously we will not win every game, but I always consider that there is not a team out there that we cannot beat.

But I will point out what I think will be critical to winning and will say things like “If we cannot pull this (particular thing) off we will surely lose” so lets get going already.

Offense: Obviously we have not shown where we can be sucessful or not here. albeit, all the components were not in place and the starters did not play the whole game and the “gameplan” thingy and on and on and on, but the simple fact of the matter is this, The game plan had better include putting somebody in the endzone. period. And I am going to start right up front.
Giant Fans do not like us. We beat up on them, we give Coughlin the “stink face”, we made their last game in their Old Stadium a nightmare, so on opening day (for both of us) my first prediction is this. “IT IS GOING TO BE NOISY”. (Pay attention Jordan and Ryan) Watching the offensive line is going to be scarey for me knowing how many penalty yards and possibly points they cost us in the preseason. If they cannot get this simple problem resolved in what is probably going to be a LOUD Enviroment, we are in for a long day.

What may be working in our favor is a Giant Defense that still may be trying to find itself under new Defensive Coord. Perry Fewell. And taking a quick take on them, they still seem to be trying to piece together their defense. For some reason I think they may attempt to play a bit too aggressive and I hope Fox has decided to take advantage of that. Well, he does plan to run the ball.

So Offensively we will have to play solid mistake free football and give Double Trouble the chance to show that they can indeed capture momentum before Week 3. If this happens, success will follow for Matt Moore to keep the secondary honest, but none of this happens if some Linemen get jumpy.

Defense:Lets just go ahead and say it. PreSeason is OVER Everything is reset and we start all over.
So it is time for the guys to go out and prove it. As anybody knows with New York, you have to start by stopping the run, stop the run, stop the run and stop the run again. This team loves to run. Even when coaches leave, they go to other teams and want to run the ball.

So what do we need to do? Stop the Run of course. So who are we looking at here. Amahd Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs. And they are indeed very good Running Backs. But now I have to question with recent depth changes, will they be the same? Especially considering recent events. One thing I love about this game, sometimes small things do matter.

Special Teams: From the looks of it , seems like Captain Munnerlyn will be fielding Punt Returns. Not sure if many agree with me, but I suspect he will do a good job with it. At this point, as long as he catches it, I am good with it.
Intangibles: They see this as a revenge game. (Funny how they forgot disrupting our Playoff seeding a couple of years ago, and breaking Steve Smiths Arm even though they STILL could not keep him from scoring) so if they are close to having their act together, they will bring a hard game.
Now the “chump” issue has somewhat cooled off but I would like to point out to everyone who has decided that 89 is the “other………” Steve Sm…..well my fandom will not allow me to finish that sentence but you know what I mean. Allow me to retort and I want you Giant fans to never forget this because you cannot take this away.

Do you know why you have decided to annoint a “Steve Smith”?

Because 89 has already set the standard!!!
Bottom Line!