Rhys Lloyd Returning to Carolina


I’m not sure that it’s been made official yet — I suppose that until Lloyd actually signs his name on the line (and after working out for the team per his agent), it’s “not official,” but the official word from a couple of sources, is that placekicker Rhys Lloyd is on a plane for Charlotte, to sign with the Panthers.

On Sunday’s loss to the Giants, undrafted rookie free agent Todd Carter was unable to participate due to back spasms, thereby necessitating the need for a replacement — and much better — kickoff specialist. Since Lloyd was waived by the Minnesota Vikings, it only seems logical that Carolina re-signs him.

In the end, it saved the Panthers money to let Lloyd go, and the team will most likely sign him for a lot less than they would have had to pay him had they not released him.

You may view Lloyd’s boarding pass, which I submit as my only form of “solid” evidence.

The Charlotte Observer’s Darin Gantt, @daringantt, and Steve Reed, @carolinagrowl of the Gaston Gazette, both announced via Twitter, the same news.

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