Moving Forward, it’s Time for Moore


Good news fans! According to Steve Wyche of, Carolina Panthers quarterback Matt Moore is expected to be cleared to participate in practice this week, and should start on Sunday versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In case you turned the TV off and swore off ever watching another Panthers game before the two-minute warning in Sunday’s game, Moore sustained a concussion on a blow delivered by Giants defensive end Osi Umeniyora. Rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen filled in for a couple plays, and the rest is history. Throw this one out; a new week and team lies ahead.

I am both relieved and confident with Moore’s return to the field. Relieved that the young guy is okay and doing a lot better, and confident in his ability to make better passes and make the appropriate adjustments. The Buccaneers are a young team, but that doesn’t automatically disqualify their ability to make plays and take advantage of any mistakes made on Carolina’s behalf.

Sunday’s loss to the Giants was a major bummer, but New York played it’s defense well against an uber-predictable offensive game plan. I was able to call almost every play, perched on my stool at the bar; that’s how much the play calling needs to mix it up, no matter if it’s John Fox or Jeff Davidson making the calls.

For the offensive line, it will be of the utmost importance to do a better job protecting the quarterback. There’s no excuse for Jordan Gross’ missed block that took Moore out of the game. And because he admittedly knows that, I know this offensive line will work it’s tail off this week in order to make the sloppy play look a lot better.

Also, this week’s game against the Bucs is almost sold out. All remaining tickets must be sold by 1 pm Thursday. Hopefully they’ll sell, and there won’t be a blackout in the local market.

It’s time to put the loss behind us, and look ahead to Week Two. No more talk of what was.

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