So when you come to a fork in the road….


… becomes time to make a decision. However I as well as you the reader am not driving. We are the folks who are along for the ride…and yes…we will comment as we go along, good or bad. It is what we do. So I have to ask, what am I, as a fan, supposed to look for now? I love my team and will be hanging in there of course but I just have to ask, is my teams Head Coach just marking time? and is he worth the trouble?

First of all I have to point out that I realize that this is just a frustrating week coming off the loss, so let me point out why I ask this question.

1. I think this kind of talk is something Fox will have to clear up.

When asked what that says about Jarrett, Fox said, “We’re looking at different combinations. We have a young group there and I’ll just leave it at that. We’re learning more and more about LaFell and Gettis and we’ll kind of evaluate that as we go.”

Fox said the coaching staff hasn’t lost confidence in Jarrett.

“We had three receivers dressed for the game,” Fox said. “Now if he had been one over there on the sidelines (inactive) I can see how you’d say that. But he was active for the game, and to get a uniform on game day I don’t think that shows a lack of confidence.”

That said, Jarrett only played a handful of plays and wasn’t targeted, even though the Panthers had only three active receivers and threw the ball 29 times.

I am not the first to ask, but when you are going into your second game, home opener against a division rival, looking the first win, is this really and truly the best time to “tinker”? Isn’t this sort of project best done in preseason and training camp?

How about this…..Does doing this sort of thing during the season give us the best chance to win? It does not appear to be the case.

2. Stunningly, the decision to start Clausen came on a Monday morning. That alone is simply stunning. But this is something that will also have to be addressed. There are rumors (and I stress that word RUMOR) that the Panthers may be intrested in a trade for Kevin Kolb.

First of all, how about we see what Clausen is going to do for us first. Alson, if this decision is not an “indictment” of Matt Moore while he “sits and watches”, why is this coming up? And what would you be willing to give away for Kolb, or better put, what do we have left? Would we not be better served with a reciever if we are just coming off of a game where only 3 WR’s were activated? This has got to be a rumor because this would just reek of desperation and would be boneheaded.

3. I keep hearing that John Fox is a Great Coach and when/if he leaves here he will have no problem getting a new job. I have to ask bluntly and with no animosity for the man, how is this so? The quick answer will be “coming in and turning the team around from a 1-15 team to a Super Bowl contender”, but I am looking at a team that was once a 12-4 team that has turned into a team that followed up with 2 seasons starting out 0-2. Are we going to fight and scrap to be mediocre again, in spite of all the talent we do have? Where are the back to back winning seasons?

I do sincerely apologize if I am coming off as hostile because I truly do not mean to be, but I just cannot accept writing off a season for a motive of future season especially when the next season is in doubt and so many great players are looking at being free agents.

To his credit, I think Fox is trying to address the problem quicker than he did in 2009. The sudden change to Clausen coming Monday morning was nothing short of a shock. I am thinking mabye, just maybe, he learned his lesson from last year when a “broken finger” made a difference. But with all the lame duck talk and speculation of marking time this season I am compelled to ask, “Are you trying to win games or just trying to keep up appearances?”

Again I am sorry if I sound harsh, but it is what it is!

Although this may be part of post-loss depression, this is the question I think we need to just go out and throw out there. (How’s that for some tinkering?) Prove me wrong. Please. Salvage the season and turn it into a winning one, but you better hurry because it will be gone before you know it.

If not, just go ahead and go so we will know where we stand.