Through the Enemy’s Eyes: A Look at the Carolina Panthers


Week Three is upon us, and this week we have a little insight being shared by WhoDeyFans blogger, Mickey Mentzer. Be sure to head over there and check out what I had to say about the Cincinnati Bengals, too.

CatCrave: What must the Bengals do on offense to take Carolina’s defense out of the game?

WhoDey: I say it every week; run the ball. In the NFL nothing dictates a game better than running the ball right down the opponents’ throat. Being able to move the ball that way opens up every other part of the game.

CatCrave: What must the Bengals defense do to take Carolina’s offense out of the game?

WhoDey: Dress up a fat man to look like Charlie Weiss and have him pretend he is going to eat Jimmy Clausen. I think you need to bring pressure on a QB starting his first game.  Let Claussen try and win the game by playing solid run defense and collapsing the pocket. If the Bengals are able to do that, I expect the kid to make some mistakes.

CatCrave: Is there any aspect of the Carolina Panthers — on either side of the ball (or both) that are cause for concern against Cincy?

WhoDey: The Bengals have a history of making first time QBs look like they are the second-coming. I really do not want the Bengals to let the Panthers have any confidence in the first-time QB.

CatCrave: Do you ever wish Chad Ochocinco would shut his mouth or at least pick his battles a little more carefully with the tweets against upcoming opponents?

WhoDey: Nah, it is like white noise now. I don’t even think the other players take it seriously anymore. Chad does talk a lot but he also is a good person who takes 85 people to dinner in every city his team travels to. He gives a ton back to the community and his fans, so I can look past some of his antics.

CatCrave: Which receiver will have more passes thrown his way, TO or Ocho? Which receiver has more touchdowns in this game?

WhoDey: Chad is still Carson’s go-to-guy. I think if the passing game explodes, both will have good numbers but Carson still seems to favor 85 in the passing game.

We certainly appreciate the opposing fan’s perspective going into this game. Again, be sure to check out what I had to say in regard Cincy at WhoDeyFans.

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