How Much Longer?


After starting a consecutive season with an 0-3 record, one must wonder how much longer will this continue? How many more losses will this team suffer before it experiences a win? How much longer before fans see a change in play-calling? How much longer does John Fox and perhaps Jeff Davidson have in Carolina?

From a fan’s perspective, I give head coaches and coaching staff a fair amount of time to adjust when they’re put into new situations or when new coordinators are introduced into the system. Most fans do, as that’s the reasonable and logical way of doing things. Those who expect instant results of success are usually sorrily disappointed.

Going into the season I had some expectations that were within reason. I pegged Carolina at having the potential to finish the season with a winning record and being in the race for a Wild Card berth going into the playoffs. I also felt they could finish as poorly as 7-9. But one can’t gauge how a young team will develop, nor how long it will take. I certainly didn’t envision three losses with the potential for a fourth to start the season.

The saying goes that it is more difficult for a team to go without a win, than it is for a team to go undefeated. Right now, I’m wondering if this statement might hold water for the Carolina Panthers, although the fact that the team hasn’t been able to score more than 13 points in a game has me doubting that it could.

After Sunday’s loss to Cincinnati, John Fox was unsure of who the starting quarterback would be going into the game at New Orleans. Not at all what I want to hear, given that Fox made the change only a week ago, and seemingly prematurely. Fox, in his last season as head coach with the Carolina Panthers, is becoming more of a hindrance to any success this team may have any hope for turning the season around.

It seems as though Fox himself is becoming more of a fan and less a coach with every passing week, while looking for instant success from guys who are in their first year.

How much longer will fans have to wait before something changes? A week? Two weeks? One more loss or two? Whatever the time frame is, hopefully fans won’t have to endure an entire season of this sloppy brand of football. “The youth and inexperience of this team” excuse is not only unfair, but dead. Especially when the coaching staff isn’t doing it’s part in bringing young players up.

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