1st & 15: Best Panther Game-The Results

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Monday, I gave you the initial installment of “1st & 15,” (Read it here) where I proclaimed:

The Best Panther Game Ever was the 2008 Season Opener Against the San Diego Chargers.  First, I might mention that a few of you, like Kuhndog86 and Easy A, agreed with me.

"Easy A said:  That last second touchdown led to holes in the walls and an injured panther fan. We went crazy, had the whole neighborhood outside on their porches screaming “Lets Go Panthers !”  Good Pick !!!"

On the other hand, many called “False Start!”  Take a quick trip down Memory Lane as you ponder their responses:

"Mike said: Has everyone forgotten the Cardiac Cats of ’03?  The best game has got to be the Divisional Championship round against the Rams.  1st play of the 2nd overtime Smith is just standing in the endzone all alone.  How can you ever top that?"

"mcap said:  I have to throw a flag on that penalty. Best game has got to be playoffs against the Rams. I remember sitting in my car here in Virginia, waiting for my wife and almost jumping out of my car when Smitty caught that pass."

BlackCatzFan, Carol, tdlex420, and Monkey all agreed with this, but Doppleganger and PantherPride52 suggested the ’03 game vs Tampa, with all the blocked field goals.

"dude says:  I’d rank the game against Pittsburgh in ’96 ahead of the Chargers one, since so much was on the line going into the game. Plus it had such an incredible ending like the Chargers game did."

"catclaw: Even though we lost, I’d have to say our Super Bowl appearance. Great game and how do you beat having your team in the game in terms of excitement?"