1st & 15: Best Panther Game-The Results

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rdog157gh mentioned the ’03 game against the Colts; the battle against two undefeated teams.

Soleman  reminded us of the game when Ricky Manning picked off McNabb 3 times & DeShaun Foster had that 1 yard run where he bounced off like 6 tackles.

Here are a few other games that were suggested:

"Carol: The 1st game that Jake took over for Rodney and brought us all the way back for the win. tdlex420: The 1st Panthers game ever, because without it we have no team. Monkey: The 96 Season playoff game against Dallas (defending Super Bowl champs), where we literally owned them (and Deon Sanders) after hearing all of their smack talk. dude:  I also thought of the game in ’05 where we got the Michael Vick monkey off our backs. That was probably the loudest regular season game ever played BOA stadium."

Thanks for all the responses!  Now, let’s make it official.  I’ve narrowed it to the Top 5.  Cast your vote in the poll.

Oh, Kudos and honorable mention go to thecross for suggesting that the BEST PANTHER GAME EVER is: Hopefully our next one!”