Richardson Delighted


With the news of the Lockout coming to a close, members of the NFLPA and the Owners spoke in a short press conference. In unusual fashion Jerry Richardson spoke, has him saying:

"This is a long time coming…I would like to say what a pleasure it has been for us to work with the players in this negotiation. As a former player myself, the relationship and the conversations we’ve developed will serve us well for a long time. We’re delighted that we have an agreement that’s going to serve the NFL, our players, our teams and our fans for many years to come."

Other owners spoke, including Robert Kraft. I’m going to give personal props to Kraft as his wife just passed and he was out working his tail off to get a deal done. Jeff Saturday claims that without Kraft this deal would not have been reached. Also, Saturday gave his own props to Myra Kraft.

Other people spoke, such as John Mora and Dominique Foxworth. Peyton Manning was invited to the press conference but he could not attend due to rehab for his neck surgery. Manning released a statement to saying:

"My objectives were two-fold when joining the group of named plaintiffs in the labor-related lawsuit. First, to show unified strength on behalf of benefitting all players; second, to see a resolution that recognizes the interests of players and management. I believe both objectives have been achieved. As a fan of the game, I’m pleased the two sides have reached a deal and, as a professional, I want to get back to work."

There we have it folks, everyone wanted a deal. But the Lockout is a piece of history, and we now move into a new season. Get ready for organized chaos when free agency begins.