A Panther fan must read

Editorial Staff

Hey guys pretty slow day today in the NFL world, especially with the Panthers so with that I wanted yo make you all aware of an article that every Panther fan should read.

The article is written by Steve Reed who covers the Panthers for the Gaston Gazette. The story is basically a five part series that covers the entire Carolina Panthers life time from when it was just a twinkle in Jerry Richardson’s eye to the debacle that was last season and the future of the Panthers moving forward.

I would definitely recommened that every one take a second or about an hour, it  is long, to read it. I read it and it is without a doubt worth you time.

Here is a snippet of the first part of the article.

"At the beginning there were 11 cities competing to acquire the two new NFL franchises.The Carolinas were viewed as a huge underdog, with St. Louis, Baltimore and Memphis believed to be favorites.Richardson Sports would face an uphill battle from the start.The first undertaking seemed simple enough, but influencing existing NFL owners who were unfamiliar with the Charlotte area  —  or the Carolinas in general — proved to be one of the toughest tasks Richardson Sports would have in acquiring a franchise.“They were not in the habit of coming to the Carolinas and really did not know much about the area,” Richardson said. “The cities we were competing against like Baltimore and St. Louis were known commodities to them, but the Carolinas were largely unknown.”"

Here is the link to the full article which is called, Carolina Panthers A Retrospective.