Bengals vs. Panthers Q&A

Editorial Staff

With the Panther’s third preseason game just a day away, lets take some time to get to know the Panthers opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals were equally as bad as the Panthers were last season, finishing just 4-12 and have even more problems this season. They traded away Chad Ochocinco, there number one receiver and the franchise quarterback Carson Palmer has said that he will retire before he plays again for the Bengals.

So to fill us in with all the Bengals news we have Cody Byers, the editor of the Bengals blog Stripe Hype, here to answer a few of our questions.

1. What is your take on the Carson Palmer situation. What do you think the team should do?

With Carson, most of the fan base is beginning to accept the reality that #9 won’t be walking out of that tunnel anytime soon. It’s easy to say they should trade him to get something out of him at least, but even mentioning it is really beating a dead horse.

2. What has been your initial impression of Andy Dalton? Do you like what you have seen?

Dalton is a rookie QB on a young team. He has the talent and potential to be a great NFL QB, he needs to be given the protection to stay upright and throw the ball. If they can do those things Dalton can really grow as a QB.

3. Cedric Benson has had two impressive seasons in back-to-back years. Do you expect that to contiue or will the lack of a passing game hurt Benson’s production?

First I’d say there is no lack of passing game, considering they have a young but talented corps of WR’s. Shipley was the #1 Rookie WR in the AFC. Gresham was the best TE in the ’10 draft class & Green the #1 Offensive player in the 2011 draft. But even with all this at the WR position expect them to go run heavy. It will be a very similar tone to the run heavy O of the Bengals 2 seasons ago where they found much success running the ball.

4. How long do you expect the starters to play for?

Most of the 1st half honestly.  They may change out Dalton earlier or later depending on how they feel about Gradkowski,  but they’re in a dire need to build a chemistry among all the young players on Offense and D.

5. What is your prediction for the game and for the season?

For the game, I expect to see the offense look better then the prior weeks and the defense to create more stops. For the season, I’ll say this; I’m being optimistic when saying we’ll have a top 10 draft pick.

I answered a few questions for him as well, check back later on in the day and I will be sure to link back to his story.