Week 2 NFL-Wide Fantasy Focus


With Week 1 and our first match-ups of the season in the rear-view mirror, it is time to turn our focus to Week 2 in Fantasy Football.

Last week many fantasy projections were blown away and a bit of busts proved us wrong. I thought Steve Smith was going to have a terrible game, but I was wrong. I was spot on when it came to Knowshon Moreno, and my pick for sitting Reggie Bush was almost on. So let us put Week 1 behind us and move onto the reason we are here. Join me after the break where I will throw my Love/Hate list for this week to the public.


Ryan Fitzpatrick QB Buffalo Owned 35.5%
The Bills rout of the Chiefs last week wasn’t a coincidence. Fitzpatrick isn’t going to sit around and be a bump on a log until the Bills find a franchise player. In his mind he is a franchise player. He’s going to put up solid numbers each week.

Mike Tolbert RB San Diego Owned: 98.9%
See video from last week.

Darren Sproles RB New Orleans Owned: 70%
Expect Sproles to fill a catching RB roll this week. He is the best RB the Saints have and they are going to utilize him to his max ability.

Rex Grossman QB Washington Owned: 8.2%
4 games started and 3 were 300 yard games. ADd that with the defense that allowed Cam Newton to throw for 400+ yards, and you have a fantasy starter.


Matt Ryan QB Atlanta Owned:98%
Matt Ryan is a good Quarterback but the Eagles are in town and you all know what that means: Asomugha, Samuel, and Rodgers-Cromartie. The Eagles secondary is just too stacked for me to start a QB against them.

Kyle Orton QB Denver Owned: 36.3%
Panthers fans can attest to this one. When has a John Fox QB ever been viable in fantasy play? Enough said.

Devery Henderson WR New Orleans Owned: 62.4%
Wow, his owned percentage is up 50% and he hasn’t had a 100 yard game since Week 12 of 2009. Henderson is too shotty when it comes to fantasy production. A lot of fantasy owners are going to be disappointed when Henderson doesn’t produce.

James Starks RB Green Bay Owned 89.4%
Ryan Grant is the man in Green Bay. Starks is going to play second fiddle all season long.


Scott Chandler TE Buffalo Owned:24%
Last season Buffalo TE’s had 1 touchdown. In Week 1, Chandler had 2 on 5 catches for 63 yards.

Greg Olsen TE Carolina Owned: 70%
Charles Woodson is going to be covering Steve Smith all game after his production last week. Look for Newton to heavily rely on Olsen this week as the others are covered by Green Bay’s stacked secondary.