Thoughts on Week Three’s game

Editorial Staff

We Win!!

Feels good to say that after not being able to for so long.  It was far from pretty but the first match between Newton and Gabbert went to Newton thankfully.  Carolina came away with their first win of the season against the struggling Jags.  Here are some thoughts on Carolina’s first win.

  1. Boy did it rain!
  2. This is the first time Cam looked really bad.  He looked like a rookie this game, missing his targets by very wide margins.  And this was before the rain started.
  3. Johnathan Stewart wasn’t lying when he said this is the healthiest he has been for awhile.  He looks it.
  4. Another game another sack for Charles Johnson.  He and fellow DE Greg Hardy looked good this game, with Hardy generating a safety.
  5. Boy did it rain!
  6. It looks like Cam and Olsen are starting to get their timing down.  Cam has been clicking with Steve, Shockey, and LaFell, now it is time for Olsen to get in on the action.
  7. I miss DeAngelo Williams.
  8. If you knew nothing about the Panthers, you would be hard to guess that we were missing 3 starters on defense this week.
  9. Did anyone else want to run and slide across the field like the players were doing?
  10. I can’t believe they overturned Stewart’s crazy run in the rain after flipping over a defender.