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Carolina Panther Fans sell your tickets to Panther fans!


A couple days ago Charlotte Observer’s longtime columnist Tom Sorensen wrote an article about the Carolina Panthers and Washington Redskins game. The premise of the story was the fact that there were so many Redskins fans as the game Sunday because Panther fans were selling their tickets to Redskins fans. Tom said he didn’t think it was a big deal for Panther fans to sell their tickets to opposing team’s fans. I disagree.

In the article Sorensen’s main point is fans are free to do whatever they want to do with their tickets. It is their right as American’s to do what they want to with their property. Sure, that is true and it is their right as a U.S. citizen but it breaks every law in the book of being a true fan of a sports team.

I know everyone has gone through this if you have ever been to a game before. You get there sit in your seats and you get stuck next to that crazy fan of the visiting team. He is hammered drunk, loud, obnoxious and unruly. He won’t ever sit down and literally makes your game miserable and you know why this happened… because another Panther fan sold his tickets to them.

I know you can’t always make games and some of us have to get money for those tickets that cost an unbelievable amount of money but at least try to give them to Panther fans. Don’t just put them online and call it at day. Call up a friend that you know likes the Panthers, a colleague, a family member or a neighbor anyone will do just make sure they are Panther fans. Trust me if you live in the Carolina’s you will be able to find someone that like the Panthers.

And don’t even get me on to the scalpers or fans with extra tickets for a game. I know you are looking to make a buck but if you don’t count on scalping to make a living, sell them to Panther fans. Put yourself in their shoes, when two Falcons fans decked out in Michael Vick Falcons jersey’s come up to you trying to buy your tickets just say no. Go find someone wearing an 89 jersey.

So next time you have to sell your tickets for whatever the reason, do your fellow Panther fans and your team a favor, take a little less money or make a bit more of an effort to find a Panther fan to use them instead of taking the easy way out and selling them to a crazed Cowboy fan or a loud Saints fan.

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