Adrian Peterson Arrested for Resisting Arrest: A Headline Made for Jay Leno


The brightest star of the Minnesota Vikings just got a bit dimmer.

According to as of now sketchy reports, the All-Pro running back was arrested in Houston, TX for resisting arrest Saturday morning. One would assume he was arrested for something to begin with BEFORE he resisted it. However, no news on what he did is out at the moment. Reminds me of an age-old question:

What came first: the chicken or the egg?

Apparently this time, it’s the video camera. Word is that the incident was caught on video surveillance cameras. Peterson was at a night spot with some family members and his girlfriend when some police officers arrived near closing time. As the story goes, Peterson simply wanted a glass of water before leaving and was refused and told to go ahead and leave. Some unknown words were exchanged, but the video reportedly shows Peterson walking towards the exit with a bouncer when several police ATTEMPTED TO TACKLE PETERSON FROM BEHIND.

Others joined in an piled on to take him down. Peterson sits in jail, charged ONLY with “resisting arrest.”

Now, I’m no attorney, but being assaulted and sucker-tackled by a mob of angry cops for obeying their instructions seems a bit far-fetched to me. Furthermore, how can one be charged with resisting arrest and no other crime? To me, that implies he had broken some law and did not cooperate with police when they tried to apprehend him for said still-currently unnamed illegal activity.

Just going on the information available, it sounds to me like the police wanted to be bullies (big shocker there), picked on a black man, and had no idea who he really was. They’d have charged him with a crime by now if he had committed one.

I think the cops got caught abusing a very high-profile individual and are trying to make things up as they go along.

Sure, the NFL has its’ share of scofflaws – Pac-Man Jones comes to mind in recent years. Aqib Talib of the Bucs. Numerous pot and DUI arrests are common in the offseason as well, and a couple of rookies always seem to get arrested just before the draft. Are you reading this, Alfonzo Dennard?

The early signs point to Peterson being “Clubbing While Black” and I for one would love to see what Houston police come up with to explain why they gang-tackled a man who simply wanted a glass of water before leaving the place.

Stay tuned, this should get a whole lot more interesting….