Forte, Rice Inked to Multi-Year Deals


Running back Ray Rice and the Baltimore Ravens finally came to an agreement on a long-term deal for the star player. It’s 5 years and $35 million dollars. reports it could be as much as $40 million with incentives.

Fittingly, earlier today DAAA Bearssss came to terms with their versatile back, Matt Forte with a 4-year deal. His has $18 million guaranteed and averages $8 million per season. The two sides had been negotiating for over a year now. No more.

This is bad news for Ravens’ and Bears’ opponents obviously, but especially will help Chicago. They’ve revamped their receiving corps and now stabilized the backfield situation with Forte’s deal and backup QB Jason Campbell’s signing previous to this.

It’s welcome news to younger football players who have seen the NFL use up and spit out the position with some one-contract players, or even longtime veterans like Thomas Jones never get their big paydays after being so productive and consistent.

Now at least some financial commitment has been made by multiple teams to keep established stars happy and in camp. College kids, it’s not going by way of the fullback after all.