Dez Bryant, Marshawn Lynch Arrested


Dez Bryant was arrested for assaulting his Mother. No…that’s not a 2012 presidential election campaign smear, it’s reality.

Dallas TV station WFAA reported this morning that Bryant allegedly got in a heated argument with his Mom – his MOM, goodness! – and grabbed her by the shirt and slapped her in the face with a ball cap.

I recall the character questions around him when he entered the league…”I’ll be fine,” he said. “I don’t want to be a distraction,” he said, as he refused to carry veterans’ shoulder pads off the practice field, a long NFL “hazing” tradition.

While nobody could have or SHOULD have predicted something like THIS, more often than not college players who enter the league with “issues” following them rarely play a career without more “issues” following them. This one is a doosie for public relations, if “only” the charge of misdemeanor domestic violence results in any case.

Lynch was arrested Saturday morning on suspicion of DUI.

Unfortunately, the NFL players themselves are keeping the time between the NFL draft and the team training camps interesting.