Robert Griffin III Impresses, Michael Vick Injures Thumb in NFL Preseason Action


Robert Griffin, III led Washington’s only scoring drive of the night, capping it with a 20-yard TD screen pass to Pierre Garcon. Griffin was 4-of-6 for 70 yards and a TD on his abbreviated night. The two incomplete passes were a dropped one and a catch out of bounds to Garcon who later said “I know I dragged my feet for a long time. The throw was perfect.”

So much for the rumblings of the fans about his inaccuracy and/or looking lost. I’m certain he still has a lot to learn and that the plays he ran were scripted/inserted because they’re the ones he knows best at this point, but the future in Washington looks bright if his performance last night is any indication.

The Redskins won the contest against the Buffalo Bills, 7-6.

In other games, the Philadelphia Eagles stormed back after a lethargic first half to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-23. With the death of Head Coach Andy Reid’s son fresh in their minds, Eagles’ players had some extra fight in them in their first preseason game – at least, after what probably was a good dressing-down at halftime by that same coach because of their play in the first half. All 24 points came after intermission.

After going 4/6 for a whopping 6 yards, Vick went to the sidelines in obvious pain after his last pass attempt of the contest. His throwing motion and Eagles center Jason Kelce converged as Kelce was slide-blocking a defender across Vick’s path and Vick’s follow-though wound up thumping his hand on the back of Kelce’s helmet. It was a case of “nobody’s fault – it happens” but when you consider Vick’s importance to the team, it sure put a scare into their fans, players, and coaches alike.

X-rays on his throwing-hand thumb at halftime were negative, but x-rays alone do not easily show soft-tissue damage. Despite the good news that no breaks were seen, the situation bears keeping an eye on.