CONTEST: Win Two Tickets to Panthers/Jets Game! How Will the Panthers Beat the Saints Sunday Night?


Hi gang,

Well, just as we had a contest for winning two tickets to the Giants’ game at Charlotte in week three, we’ve got two more to give away for the Jets game on Dec. 15th! Keep reading for details!

What you do is tweet a concise statement using the hashtag #Road2MetLifeStadium in your tweet. Also include @Ken_Dye. The hashtag is so that your entries can be tracked; mine is so I can see them. This is a ONE DAY ONLY contest – ends tonight at kickoff – so be sure and enter NOW! Make it a good one so it stands out, because even though it’s only a one day contest, I’m likely to get a lot of tweets on it!

Let us know how the Panthers can beat the Saints!

Hint: “Score more points” and other silliness won’t cut it. 😛

The Panthers game at New Orleans has come to have a lot of playoff ramifications. Early on, it appeared that the Saints would take the NFC South crown going away, but once the Panthers and their defense caught a foothold, they really haven’t looked back and are the NFL’s hottest team right now, having won eight consecutive ball games. Wow – talk about having come a long way!

Head Coach Ron Rivera’s seat has been iced down from the heat he was feeling last year and again to start the season this year. In fact, right now, it’s so cold when he stands up, it sticks to his rear end. That’s how cold his seat is right now. It is NOT a warm place, and that’s a good thing for an organization to have…stability and confidence in the Head ball Coach.

The Saints have shown themselves to be a difficult team to deal with in the passing game. They have an underrated rushing game and their defense has really bounced back well from the worst season in NFL history last year and are no pushovers. Also, they’re playing at home which is the NFL’s second-best home field advantage. They just got to experience the NFL’s best last week in Seattle.

A devastating loss like the drubbing they took at CenturyLink Field last week makes their own path down the Road to MetLife Stadium more precarious. They’ve really helped establish it as going through Seattle now that they went up there and stunk the joint out, 34-7. It somewhat makes me wonder about their psychology heading into their home game against Carolina, and whether it helps or hurts their chances.

On one hand, it could hurt their chances in that they suddenly see how “mortal” they are and their confidence has to have taken a hit. On the other hand, it could help them see that they “ain’t so great” as they thought, and that they need to really work hard this week to prepare for another outstanding team with another outstanding defense. Tonight will tell for sure.

In a short “tweet-like” response, I’m personally saying “Pressure Brees up the middle and stay in his face all night” is the key to a Carolina win in such a difficult venue to crack. It worked in Seattle and is one thing Carolina does extremely well. Both teams face similar looks on the Road to MetLife Stadium and the winner of this game will have a bit broader path going forward.

So get those tweets going and say how the Panthers can beat the Saints tonight!!

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