Cat Crave Mock Draft 1.0

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8.  Minnesota Vikings:  Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

D:  A bit of a surprise here with Fresno State’s signal-caller, Derek Carr, being picked this high but such is the way of the NFL where the quarterback position is the most highly prized one so with that in mind, a move like this isn’t such a shocker. The Dolphins took Ryan Tannehill eighth in 2012. Carr has the pedigree (his brother is David Carr) and has an elite arm. I think he’s a perfect fit for a Vikings organization that took Christian Ponder, a guy who has very limited physical talent and will go with the cannon-armed younger brother here. WR Cordarrelle Patterson will be in his second season and showed lots of explosiveness, and Carr is a guy who can attack any point on the field to also open up running lanes…All Day.