Brandon LaFell struggling with drops in Patriots camp


The Patriots may practice harder, but ex-Panthers receiver Brandon LaFell is still dropping the ball.

The world hasn’t heard a lot about LaFell after his comments comparing the Panthers and Patriots work habits, and it isn’t a coincidence. However, New England’s training camp kicked off this afternoon, and LaFell was a standout — for reasons not to be proud of.

This shouldn’t come across as a surprise to anyone, as LaFell struggled with drops during his 4-year tenure with Carolina. In 2014, it seemed infectious as Panthers’ receivers ranked amongst the highest in drop rate percentage. Carolina has worked to eliminate this issue during the offseason, as recent signees Jerricho Cotchery and Jason Avant are strong, sure-handed veterans. It will be monumental for these two to help 1st round draft pick, Kelvin Benjamin, who struggled with drops in college.

Patriots fans are hoping their new receiver will be able to improve upon his achilles heel before the regular season begins.

Maybe LaFell just needs to work a little harder.