10 Observations From Panthers Training Camp

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Newton’s In A Groove Already

Despite being slowed by an injury, Cam Newton is connecting with two of his big weapons often.  Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin have separated themselves early on as Newton’s favorite targets.

Are you surprised Cat Crave Nation?

Olsen was the Panthers’ leading receiver

Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

in 2013 and he has picked up his rhythm with Newton right away.  The dual-TE set that Carolina is going to run more in 2014 will also help these two be on the same page right out of the gate.  Thus far in practices, Olsen has effortlessly pulled in several ropes that Newton has put out there.  Watching these two execute is a beautiful thing.

Benjamin is the new kid on the block, but both he and Newton have spent a lot of time together already.  Newton and KB13 have spent a lot of time during OTAs getting to know each other, and the chemistry is starting to brew into big things at Training Camp.  Benjamin’s tall stature has helped him be a big target for Newton and his huge mitts are bringing in passes left and right.

Benjamin does look a little rough on his route running, but he is letting his strengths do the work now and will continue working on his deficiencies.  Three days in, and Benjamin looks like he will have a decent role in the Panthers’ offense.

Olsen is walking around with a renewed energy that I don’t recall seeing in him the past few seasons.  I don’t know if it’s due to the overhaul of the roster or if his personal life has given him an extra boost, but it’s noticeable.  There’s no reason why number 88 shouldn’t be a team captain this year.