10 Observations From Panthers Training Camp

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Newton and Kuechly Have Command Over Their Units

Both Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly have been growing into leadership roles over the past couple of seasons.  Both had experienced veterans already in those positions prior to this year, like Steve Smith and Jon Beason.  Patience is a virtue that both players have and it has paid off.  Newton and Kuechly have been very active thus far in camp.

“I can’t stress enough that I’m not 100 percent yet. It’s just going to take treatment and time.” – Cam Newton

Newton, though injured, has been at OTAs and is now upping the ante by participating more.  His grasp of the offense and ability to get the new receivers integrated into the system has been very noticeable.  On and off the field, Newton has said and done the right things.  He might not be 100% healthy yet, but he’s not avoiding that issue with the media.

Kuechly has been barking out calls for the defense with more assertion during this Training Camp.

Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Another year under his belt in Sean McDermott‘s defense has the intuitive Kuechly on top of his game.  The former Boston College standout is one of the premiere defensive players in the entire NFL and his persona needs to become the defense’s persona.

Much the way Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis did when they were running their respective defenses, Kuechly’s imprint is starting to take shape.  Over the weekend, Kuechly has been earning the respect of his teammates on the field, as well as by his actions after the whistle.  He has taken time with fans, players’ families and is leading by example.  Players are looking to Luke the way you would look at a six-year veteran All-Pro, yet Kuechly is only 23-years old.