Cat Crave Staff Predicts Carolina’s 2014 Schedule

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Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome Cat Crave Nation to our portal into the future.  The staff of writers got together to predict and analyze each game on the Carolina Panthers’ 2014 schedule, and we are here to present these results to you.  Carolina’s schedule shapes up to be pretty intense and there is a rough patch of four-to-five games before the bye that looks painful.

That being said, our 2014 Panthers team is improved from the 2013 squad.  There are question marks at positions, but as a group, the Panthers are stronger.  Look for Cam Newton to step into the “elite-QB” conversations by season’s end.  Watch our two sophomore DTs emerge as decade-long anchors of our defensive line.  How will Carolina defend some of the league’s most explosive offenses?  Will the Panthers’ offensive line give their weapons enough time to be successful?

These and several other questions will be touched on.

Before we proceed, a warm thank-you to the staff that has been assembled at for participating in this.  Seven writers attached their respective names to games, so you know there’s going to be quality content and differing opinions flowing from several different minds.

Keep Pounding!