Cat Crave Staff Predicts Carolina’s 2014 Schedule

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15. player. 53. In week 16 the Browns will come to Carolina four days before Christmas.  It’s hard to imagine anything other than an early Christmas present of a win for the Panthers. However, so much has yet to be seen from this 2014 Cleveland team that it’s hard to know where they will stand at this point in the season.  So much of it depends on who plays quarterback. The book has just been opened to know one way or another right now about Johnny Manziel.  The Browns didn’t draft him in the first round to let him ride the pine, but if he struggles, it will be hard to hold back Brian Hoyer. With his running style and smaller stature, it’s hard to know if Manziel will be healthy in week 16. <p class=. Dec.21. 1:00PM. vs. Cleveland Browns