Derek Anderson Should Start Week 1


The foundation of any team destined for greatness is the sign to adapt.  Though certainly a difficult choice to make, the Panthers need to show that they are capable and willing to have Cam Newton sit out for the best of the team.

Though Cam Newton may have been entirely confident in his return and even dancing during practice, the monitoring of his throwing time so close to gameday, hints at a more dire issue than previously let on.

Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the preseason, Newton was unable to consistently develop chemistry with the offense due to his ankle surgery, he suffered a hairline fracture to his ribs in the preseason match up with the Patriots. It wasn’t enough for staff to immediately rule him out for any specific number of weeks, but he didn’t play in the preseason finale.

With the injury obviously still nagging him, it’s not worth the chance of making it worse in this opening game.

Starting Newton in this condition would limit the potential of the offense, put additional pressure on an offensive line that needs to have their confidence built up, and ultimately jeopardize the Panthers season.

Though an important divisional match up, Panthers staff must prepare for the worst.

Derek Anderson is competent, the NFC South can be decided at any moment, and Newton is our sure bet for a playoff birth.

With that being said, the coaching staff needs to play for the long term and sit him this game, and even the next.  It’s definitely worth it if we have Newton back at 100% for the rest of the season.

As said before, Derek Anderson is a more than capable backup, and times like these are where he should be allowed to earn his keep.

With Newton’s ankle surgery and the completely new receiving unit, Anderson has had more time to develop chemistry with the offense. Shula also needs to display the flexibility of the offense, showing that he can adapt to change efficiently as well.

So what do you think Cat Crave Nation?