Week Four Power Rankings: Panthers plummet


Thirty-two teams stand. Three remain unbeaten. The Panthers, Texans, Bills, and Broncos all felt the punishing blow of defeat. Who rose to the top, and who sunk like a rock?

player. 36. Russell Wilson is straight-up icy. He is now 7-0 against Brees, Brady, Rodgers, and Manning. Can anyone stop this guy at home?. . . Seattle Seahawks (2-1). 1

By far the best team in the AFC. This offense could roll over anyone. Also, more Andy Dalton at wide receiver, please.. . . Cincinnati Bengals (3-0). 2. player. 56

It’s a shame we don’t get to see this team play Seattle until late November. Until then, we’ll have to settle with them decimating the Broncos in Denver next week.. . . Arizona Cardinals (3-0). 3. player. 32

. Philadelphia Eagles (3-0). 4. player. 54.  I’m putting the Eagles this high simply because of their record. Their offense is explosive, but the defense won’t hold on by a thread for too much longer..

45. Almost isn’t good enough. Manning and the Broncos blew their chance at revenge, and face another NFC West powerhouse next Sunday. Things could get messy.. . . Denver Broncos (2-1). 5. player

player. 13. Bravo to the Chargers for knocking off the undefeated Bills deep in enemy territory. Mike McCoy is this teams’ saving grace.. . . San Diego Chargers(2-1). 6

. Baltimore Ravens (2-1). 7. player. 26. They may have barely beaten the Browns, but defeating a division rival on the road is always impressive. Next week, they’ll be sitting pretty at home against a Panthers team with too many injuries to count..

. Carolina Panthers (2-1). 8. player. 87. The Panthers were absolutely embarrassed on Sunday night. Every proven running back on the team is injured, and their franchise QB is obviously hurting. A loss in Baltimore next week could turn their entire season upside-down..

New England Patriots (2-1). 9. player. 47. The fact that the Patriots barely scraped by the hapless Raiders is kind of alarming. However, they’re 2-1, and The Hoodie and Brady are still magic.. .

57. This offense can beat anyone, if their defense is playing well enough. And so far, it has, led by future DROY Kyle Fuller.. . . Chicago Bears (2-1). 10. player

The Steelers defense may have taken advantage of a completely injured Panthers offense, but that doesn’t change the fact that they have a bajillion offensive weapons.. . . Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1). 11. player. 55

12. player. 44. A royal beat-down of the Buccaneers deserves a spot in the top 15. Can Julio Jones play defense, though?. . . Atlanta Falcons (2-1)

50. The Lions aren’t going anywhere. Their defense absolutely dominated on Sunday, shutting down the best QB in the league. Someone tell Stephen Tulloch to stay away from the discount double-check.. . . Detroit Lions (2-1). 13. player

player. 123. If you would’ve told me in March that I’d have the Cowboys in the top 15 of my power rankings, I’d call you crazy. Yet, here they are.. . . Dallas Cowboys (2-1). 14

15. player. 15. Well, the Saints beat the Vikings without Cassel and Peterson. They didn’t look dominate like they usually are at home, and they’ll have to play a lot better vs. the Cowboys next week.. . . New Orleans Saints (1-2)

16. EJ Manuel is the reason I have trust issues. With a better QB, this team would be a playoff contender.. . . Buffalo Bills(2-1). 16. player

49. When will the Packers finally say ‘enough’, and give Dom Capers the boot? He’s single-handedly ruining Green Bay.. . . Green Bay Packers (1-2). 17. player

18. player. 46. The Colts finally achieved a win, against a very bad team. Andrew Luck can’t do it all on his own, folks.. . . Indianapolis Colts (1-2)

New York Giants (1-2). 19. player. 31. The Giants looked a lot better this week, as they finally got their offense rolling. It’s vital that they keep feeding Jennings the rock. . .

10. The Texans are who we thought they were. How long until the Mallett chants start in Houston?. . . Houston Texans (2-1). 20. player

124. Kudos to the Chiefs for blowing out the Dolphins without Jamaal Charles. This team could be turning things around.. . . Kansas City Chiefs (1-2). 22. player

23. player. 30. The Jets have failed to capitalize on occasional flashes of good football. Marty Morhinweg needs to be kicked out of town.. . . New York Jets (1-2)

24. player. 53. The Browns are so close to a winning season, I can taste it. Unfortunately, 2014 is not that season. I’m looking at you, Cleveland secondary.. . . Cleveland Browns (1-2)

player. 51. . . . St. Louis Rams (1-2). 25

Somehow, the Rams compete every week with Austin Davis at QB, and I love it. It’s a shame injuries tore apart this team.

26. player. 59. The Tannehill era in Miami may be ending sooner than we thought.. . . Miami Dolphins (1-2)

. Minnesota Vikings (1-2). 28. player. 60. It’s finally Teddy time. Hallelujah. Props to the Vikings for hanging with the Saints in Louisiana. .

29. player. 28. Derek Carr stuck around against Tom Brady in Gillette Stadium. Your future is bright, Raiders fans. Or maybe not.. . . Oakland Raiders (0-3)

. Tennessee Titans (1-2). 30. player. 35. I had faith in the Titans, once upon a time. I realize now that Jake Locker is not good and Justin Hunter drops more balls than a 6th grade all-boys gym class..

Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3). 31. player. 52. Well, at least the fans get to watch their team lose while soaking it up in a pool-side cabana.. .