NFL Mock Draft: Carolina Panthers Post-Combine Edition

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Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

87. Odell Beckham, Jr. was my favorite receiver in the 2013 draft class, and at the top of Carolina’s draft board. I see a game-changer like Beckham when watching <strong>Justin Hardy</strong>.  Hardy has a team-first attitude and the mindset of a true professional.  He is blessed with ridiculously huge hands, and he put these to good use as he racked up 387 receptions, 4,541 yards, and 35 touchdowns while at East Carolina.  The former-ECU Pirate played four years in Greenville, and has torched defenses for the last two seasons. His route tree could use a little touch of Ricky Proehl, but he sells routes very well.  He is crisp in and out of breaks, and is well-versed in double-moves. Hardy didn’t necesarilly ‘wow’ any scouts at the combine, but I believe he will still be a lethal threat in the slot at the next level.  Newton already has Benjamin on one sideline, and I believe another veteran will occupy the flanker position.  Though Philly Brown was solid in the slot in 2014, a player like Hardy is a perfect WR3, as well as making the Panthers more deadly in four-receiver sets.  Hardy plays above his size and is a dedicated blocker downfield when the ball is not in his hands.. WR. East Carolina. Justin Hardy. 89. player

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