Carolina Panthers Running Back Deja Vu


During the offseason, Carolina Panthers fans had to face the departure of DeAngelo Williams, who with 6,846 yards, is the Panthers all-time leading rusher.  Some felt it was time for him to go, while others

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

cried and said he still has a few good years left, but ultimately, the decision had been made and Williams departed.  Those who felt he still could compete at a high level were likely correct, as the Pittsburgh Steelers signed DeAngelo to benefit their running game.

As the offseason progressed, the thought of not seeing No. 34 running rapid on the field seemed more and more evident as each day passed.  The pink hair coming out from under the helmet as he ran down the field were no longer.

But then the 2015 NFL Draft came along and one of the needs the Panthers were targeting was a running back.  However, that running back had to make sense.  The selection of Cameron Artis-Payne out of Auburn in the fifth round made sense.  Cameron ran for 1,608 yards at Auburn, which is third-best in school history and was first team All-SEC in 2014.

Now you ask, ‘Why does this make sense?’

First reason – DeAngelo is back?  No wait DeAngelo is not back on the team, but his number will be as Cameron will be sporting No. 34 when the 2015 season begins.  Fans will not be able to tell the difference on the field as to whether or not it is DeAngelo or Cameron, as Cameron will be making the same runs downfield for a touchdown.

Second reason – DeAngelo and Cameron have a similar build.  DeAngelo is listed as 5-9 and 215 lbs., while Cameron is listed as 5-11 and 210 lbs.  Those sitting in the stands, watching on television, or on the sidelines will only see No. 34 and think, is that DeAngelo or Cameron?

But, what does it matter?  If it is DeAngelo or Cameron, both will would be breaking downfield, shedding tackles and making amazing runs.

The one difference, Cameron will be making those runs for years to come, with DeAngelo cheering him on from the sidelines after he retires.