Carolina Panthers Know A Mom Is Important


On this special day today, Mother’s Day, we all know who the most important person is in our life, whether it is currently, or over the years.  Your mother is always there – loving, caring, taking the time for your interests no matter how crazy the idea, or event.

The value a mother brings is the most valuable thing in any individual’s life.  The Carolina Panthers value this aspect of our lives and a realize how much of an impact a mother has on each individual player, helping that player to become what they are today.  Players will tell you that their mom was the one who would take them to practice, sit in the rain and wind for practice and games, yet was always the first one to welcome them off the field after a win, or a defeat.

To recognize a mother, a former Carolina Panther player was one who would always stand out when his hair suddenly would turn pink.  Yes, we all know who that is – DeAngelo Williams.  One of the most significant times was when Williams dyed his hair pink this past season in honor of his late mother who passed away from the breast cancer fight she battled long and hard.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Williams made sure to let everyone know though that he is not the one individuals should look at, but rather recognize his mom for her fight and the smile she always had, along with talking to other and helping others to continually fight against such a terrible disease.

In addition to Williams, the Panthers as an organization recognize how important a mother is and on May 27th, will offer a free Moms Football Safety Clinic.  This clinic will allow for a mother who has a child interested in playing tackle football, to learn valuable information on the safety of the game, as well as treatment and prevention for concussions and injuries, as well as valuable nutrition tips.

No matter how you look at it, a mother is the most important person in one’s life.  All you have to do is take a look at the Carolina Panthers franchise to see the impact a mother has on the players and team.