Carolina Panthers Gentleman


Growing up, what is the most important thing a mother tells her son?  That is obvious – always treat a lady with respect.  No matter how hard it might be, a woman is the most important person in your life, other than your mother of course, so this woman should always be top priority and number one on any man’s list.

Traditional ways for respect:  hold the door open when a woman is coming through; let a woman go first if you both get to the line at the same time; the woman is always correct; to name a few.  Well, Carolina Panthers star quarterback took it one step above and beyond what most men would think to do and actually would, do for a woman.

While attending the Preakness on Saturday, Newton was in the infield of the track with thousands of other fans in attendance when rain and lightning began to come into the area.  When track officials made everyone leave the infield for cover, the only way to get to the stands was to cross the muddy, rain soaked track.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Newton, being the gentleman he is, was going across the track when he saw a woman who also needed to cross to shelter.  In the classic Newton style, he lifted the woman up and carried her across the track to the other side and cover, allowing her to not get a drop of mud on her clothing and not having to ruin her shoes. posted the following video showing Cam’s generosity.

Now what does this demonstrate exactly?  Well for one thing, we know that we have a top notch gentleman quarterback who knows how to treat a woman.  Second, and the most important factor, it seems as though Newton listened to his mother growing up and took her advice.